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Bass Fishing Fundamentals; Ken Schultz This is almost as complete a source for largemouth bass fishing as Arnov's book is for saltwater species. I would highly recommend it for the beginner and most bass fishermen should find it both entertaining and useful. When I first started fishing with my two boys, this book and the weekend fishing shows kept us from going completely fishless.(Hard to Find.)
CoverSuccessful Bass Fishing; Ken Schultz, Chris Armstrong.

The Ultimate Book of Freshwater Fishing; Ken Schultz

South Florida's Peacock Bass by Carlos A. Hidalgo (If you  have ever thought about fishing the Dade/Broward canals and lakes for Peacock Bass, this book is a "Must Have"! It is also a very good introduction to freshwater flyfishing in our area. Jim cover
Catch Bass; Doug Hannon & Don Wirth Good information for the bass fisherman anywhere, and one of the very best on Florida bass.
Hannon's Big Bass Magic; Doug Hannon & W. Horace Carter.

Catching Big Bass; Doug Hannon. VHS Tape

Doug Hannon's Fisherman's Logbook

Roland Martin's 101 Bass-Catching Secrets; Roland Martin; Hardcover. CoverIf you are a tournament fisherman, or a serious amateur, I expect that you already have this one. If not, get it! Major sections include: Nine Behavioral Reasons Why Bass Strike, Lures and Live Bait, Technique Patterns, Shallow Structure and Deep Structure. Each section is full of detailed techniques for use in specific conditions. If you fish many different areas, you will spend years learning to apply what you learn from this book.

Larry Larsen On Bass Tactics: How You Can Catch More and Bigger Bass; Larry Larsen. As you see below, Larry is a very prolific author. He packs a lot of information in each book and has a very enjoyable style of writing. I have never been disappointed in any of his books. I will try to add more descriptions as time allows.

More books by Larry Larsen An Angler's Guide to Bass Patterns: Productive Methods, Places and Times; Larry Larsen.

Bass Fishing Facts: An Anglers Guide to Bass Lifestyles and Behavior; Larry Larsen.

Bass Guide Tips: Tactics of Top Fishing Guides; Larry Larsen.

Bass Lures: Tricks and Techniques; Larry Larsen.

Bass Pro Strategies: Locating and Catching Techniques of the Professionals; Larry Larsen.

Productive Tactics for Shallow Water Bass; Larry Larsen.

Trophy Bass: An Angler's Guide; Larry Larsen.

Follow the Forage for Better Bass Angling Vol. 1; Larry Larsen.

Follow the Forage for Better Bass Angling Vol. 2; Larry Larsen.

Larry Lrsen's Guide to South Florida Bass Waters Vol. 3; Larry Larsen.

Larry Lrsen's Guide to Central Florida Bass Waters Vol. 2; Larry Larsen.

Larry Lrsen's Guide to North Florida Bass Waters Vol. 1; Larry Larsen.

Peacock Bass Explosions!: Where, When & How to Find Them, How to Catch Them; Larry Larsen If you are planning to try our peacock bass then this book will get you off to a good start. I would like to say this is the best book on the subject, but so far it is the only book that I have found on the subject. Larry is very knowledgeable about fishing for all peacock species in their native South and Central America. In this book he does a fine job of applying that knowledge to what you should expect to encounter here.

Even another book by Larry Larsen Peacock Bass & Other Fierce Exotics: Where, When & How to Catch Latin America's Most Exciting Freshwater Fish; Larry Larsen.

Other books that look interesting, but that I am not familiar with.

cover Bass Master : Shaw Grigsby's Fishing Book; by Robert Coram (Contributor), Shaw E., Jr. Grigsby

Bass Fishing Handbook: Mark Sosin, Bill Dance / Paperback / Published 1999 ; $7.96 ~ (You may not know it, but Mark first became well known as a Bass fisherman. Jim)
cover Hooked for Life by Jimmy Houston "Encouraging the hearts of men, this gift book offers devotional thoughts for the fishing enthusiast."

Caught Me a Big'Un...and Then I Let Him Go! : Jimmy Houston's Bass Fishing Tips 'N' Tales; Jimmy Houston, Steven D. Price; Hardcover; Descriptive information available.

Caught Me a Big 'Un...and Then I Let Him Go!: Jimmy Houston's Bass Fishing Tips 'n' Tales;Paperback.

Caught Me a Big 'Un...and Then I Let Him Go!: Jimmy Houston's Bass Fishing Tips 'n' Tales; Audio Cassette.

The Wit and Wisdom of Jimmy Houston : Not Necessarily in That Order, and Sometimes Difficult to Tell Apart; Jimmy Houston.

Cover Bassin' With the Best : Techniques of America's Top Pros; by Gary White
Cover Circle on Bass : Bass Wisdom from a Master; by Homer Circle, Rod Walinchus (Illustrator)
Cover The Complete Book of Bass; by Dick Sternberg
Ken Cook's Bass Logic: A Champion's Guide to Bass Behavior and Strategy by Ken Cook, Tim Tucker Kevin Vandam's Bass Strategies : A Handbook for All Anglers; by Kevin Vandam, Louie Stout (Special Order)
McClane's Secrets of Successful Fishing

CoverBetter than the average beginner's guide! In addition to the regular topics, there are excellent instructions on how to properly cast spin, spin casting,  ultralight, bait casting and fly casting equipment. If only...

McClane's Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of North America This book is for the curious fisherman. When we first started fishing we saw many fish in the lakes and canals and heard or read stories about how to catch different species, but we didn't know what names (and techniques) applied to which fish. This book's detailed descriptions and excellent color illustrations were a great help. It is also a great way for the young angler to expand their knowledge.

The Encyclopedia of Fish Cookery


coverThe Bass Fisherman's Bible : by Erwin A. Bauer, Mark Hicks;

Angler's Guide to Jigs and Jigging : How to Make and Use the World's Deadliest Lure; Kenn Oberrecht, Kenn Oberricht;

coverThe Angler's Yellow Pages : Your Silent Fishing Partner 1997; by Outdoor Directory Group;

coverThe Complete Idiot's Guide to Fishing Basics : by Mike Toth;

coverFishing for Dummies : by Peter Kaminsky;

Becoming an Outdoors Woman : My Outdoor Adventure; by Christine Thomas; cover

The Complete Guide to Fishing Skills : by Tony Whieldon; cover

coverFreshwater Fishing Tips and Techniques : by Gene Kugach;

Guide Wars : by John Holt;

Diary of a Bass Pro : A Year on the Inside of Fishing's Fast Track; by Joe Thomas, Tim Tucker;

Fishin' Tips : by Bud Ruddle;

coverLargemouth Bass in the 1990s : An In-Fisherman Handbook of Strategies; by In-Fisherman Staff;

cover In-Fisherman 100 Best Freshwater Fishing Tips; Expert Advice from North America's Leading Authority on Sportfishing by Editors of In-Fisherman Magazine

The Ultimate Fishing Guide : Where to Go, When to Leave, What to Take, What to Wear, What to Know, How to Find Out, & Other Indispensable Information; by Steven D. Price, Mark Hansen (Illustrator);

Well-Cast Lines : The Fisherman's Quotation Book; by John Merwin; cover

coverThe Origins of Angling : Sherman Kuhn, Dwight Webster, Sports Illustrated, John MacDonald;

Reel Women : The World of Women Who Fish; by Lyla Foggia;

coverThe Woman Angler : by Laurie Morrow;

The Best of Outdoor Life; One Hundred Years of Classic Stories from Outdoor Life's Finest Writers by Inc Outdoor Life Etimes Mirro

Fishing Dirty Tricks : 50 Ways to Lie and Cheat Your Way to a Really Big Fish; Book and Tape Measure by Glen-Bob Smith, Ray Villwock

coverHooked; Witty Quotes from Serious Anglers by Raye Carrington (Editor), Ray Carrington, Patty Rice (Editor)

Kids Book of Fishing/Book and Tackle; by Michael J. Rosen, Ages 9-12

Kids" Incredible Fishing Stories; by Shaun Morey, Elwood H. Smith (Illustrator), Ellwood Smith (Illustrator) Ages 9-12 cover

Let's Go Fishing in a Tournament by George Travis, Juvenile

Let's Go Fishing in the Ocean by George Travis, Juvenile

The Young Fishing Enthusiast; (Young Enthusiast) by John Bailey Reading level: Ages 9-12

The Art of Freshwater Fishing (The Hunting & Fishing Library) by Dick Art of Freshwater Fishing Sternberg (Editor), David R. Maas

Largemouth Bass (Hunting and Fishing Library) by Don Oster

Field & Stream Hunting and Fishing Library

cover The Field & Stream Baits and Rigs Handbook by C. Boyd Pfeiffer

coverThe Field & Stream Bass Fishing Handbook by Mark Sosin, Bill Dance

The Field & Stream Fish Finding Handbook by Leonard M. Wright, Rod Walichus (Illustrator), Richard Ellis (Illustrator)

The Field & Stream Fishing Knots Handbook by Peter Owen

cover The Field & Stream Fly Fishing Handbook by Leonard M. Wright, Richard Harrington (Illustrator)

coverThe Field & Stream Tackle Care and Repair Handbook by C. Boyd Tackle Care Pfeiffer aaa

The World of Fishing for Largemouth Bass

The World of Incredible Outdoor Adventures

2002 Fishing Tips and Tricks; by Vlad Evanoff

Advanced Bass Fishing (The Hunting & Fishing Library) by Dick Sternberg

Fishing With the Presidents; by Bill Mares, William Mares

In Pursuit of Giant Bass by Bill Murphy, Paul Prorok (Editor), Paul Prorox (Contributor)

A Jerk on One End : Reflections of a Mediocre Fisherman (Library of Contemporary Thought) by Robert Hughes "The famed critic and author of "The Fatal Shore, The Culture of Complaint", and "American Visions" goes fishing--giving us his personal book on the craftsmanship and philosophy of this sport and pastime."

Outdoor Life: If Nature Calls...Hang Up! (Outdoor Life) by Creative Publishing International Editors "Original and classic humor stories from the past 50 years of Outdoor Life magazine, featuring the works of Pat McManus and others."

Pocket Guide to Fly Fishing for Largemouth Bass by Gary Lafontaine, Ron Cordes, Kirk Botero (Illustrator)

Top Rated Freshwater Fishing in North America; (Top Rated Outdoor Series) by Maurizio Valerio, Maurice Valerio (Photographer), Allison C. Mickens (Editor)

Denny Brauer's Winning Tournament Tactics by Denny Brauer, Monte Burch 1879206153

Fishing for Catfish (Freshwater Angler) by Keith B. Sutton 0865730792

America's Best Bass Fishing: The 50 Best Places to Catch Bass; by Steve Price

Bass Bug Fishing; by William G. Tapply

Bass Master Shaw Grigsby : Notes on Fishing and Life; by Robert Coram(Contributor), Shaw E., Jr. Grigsby

Bass Wisdom; by Homer Circle, Rod Walinchus (Illustrator)

Big-Bass Secrets: Catch Trophy Largemouths and Smallmouths with the experts of Outdoor Life; by The Editors of Outdoor Life

Catfish Identification Pocket Guide (Freshwater Angler); by Creative Pub Intl (Editor)

Gamefish Identification Pocket Guide (Freshwater Angler); by Creative Pub Intl (Editor)

Doug Hannon's Field Guide for Bass Fishing; by R. Douglas (Doug) Hannon

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