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Tackle and Equipment

Vic Dunaway's Complete Book of Baits, Rigs & Tackle; Vic Dunaway As you progress in the sport/hobby of fishing you soon learn that things become more complicated than pole+line+hook=fish. I have 3 books on what to use and how to tie the pieces together and this is the best! I haven't completely converted to the Uni-Knot system, but Vic makes a good case for it. I believe this link will take you to new "revised" edition. I still have the older one.
Other books by Vic Dunaway Best of Waterfront View; Hardcover

From Hook to Table; Paperback

Fishermen's Knots, Fishing Rigs, and How to Use Them; Bob McNally As I recall, this was another good general guide with some excellent illustrations. Unfortunately, I loaned mine out and no longer have a copy to refer back to. I liked it and apparently so did whoever I loaned it to.
Hook, Line and Sinker: The Complete Angler's Guide To Terminal Tackle; Gary Soucie CoverThis book goes into much greater detail about the components that are used to make up your rigs. There are detailed discussions on items such as hooks, swivels and sinkers with reasons for choosing certain types under certain fishing conditions. It is not a substitute for either of the two books above, but makes a useful addition to them.
Other books by Gary Soucie Traveling With Fly Rod and Reel/Everything You Need to Know About Planning, Booking, Preparing and Packing for Fly-Fishing Trips Around the World

Soucie's Field Guide of Fishing Facts

Other books that look interesting, but that I am not familiar with. Saltwater Fishing. Tackle, Rigging, How & When to Fish; by Jack Zinzow.

Modern Tackle Craft; by C. Boyd Pfeiffer.

Tackle Care : The Tackle Maintenance Handbook; by C. Boyd Pfeiffer.

The Ultralight Angler : How to Catch Big Fish on Light Tackle; by Mark Feldman.

Cover Luremaking : The Art and Science of Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits, Jigs, and Other Leadheads; by Chris Armstrong(Illustrator), A. D. Livingston.
cover The Angler's Bamboo; by Luis Marden.

coverFundamentals of Building a Bamboo Fly-Rod; by George E. Maurer, Bernard P. Elser

The Lovely Reed; An Enthusiast's Guide to Building Bamboo Fly Rods by Jack Howell, Glenn Bracket, Rod Walinchus (Illustrator)

cover Fishing Bamboo; by John Gierach, Glenn Wolff.

cover The Complete Book of Knots; by Geoffrey Budworth.

Tying Strong Fishing Knots; by Bill Herzog.

Knots for Flyfishers (Nuts 'N Bolts Guides Series); by Mark Williams.

Pocket Guide to Fly Fishing Knots; by Stan Bradshaw, Ron Cordes, Gary Lafontaine.

The Complete Guide to Fishing Skills; by Tony Whieldon. cover

coverThe Ultimate Fishing Guide : Where to Go, When to Leave, What to Take, What to Wear, What to Know, How to Find Out, & Other Indispensable Information; by Steven D. Price, Mark Hansen (Illustrator).

coverWaterproof Book of Knots; Basic Fishing; by Geoff Wilson

Waterproof Book of Knots; Sport Fishing; by Geoff Wilson

Antique & Collectible Fishing Reels; by Harold Jellison, D. B. Homel ISBN: 1879522136

Antique and Collectible Fishing Reels; by Harold Jellison, et al ISBN: 1879522063

Antique Fly Reels; A History and Value Guide; by D. B. Homel

Classic and Antique Fly-Fishing Tackle : A Guide for Collectors and Anglers; by A. J. Campbell.

Classic Fishing Lures & Angling Collectibles; by D. B. Homel

coverCollector's Guide to Antique Fishing Tackle; by Silvio Taccalabi, Slivio Calabi.

Collector's Guide to Creek Chub : Lures & Collectibles; by Harold E. Smith.

cover Old Fishing Lures and Tackle : An Identification and Value; by Carl F. Luckey.

Old Fishing Tackle and Collectibles; by Dan Homel. cover

100 Years of Fishing by Voyageur Pr (Editor), Patrick F. McManus (Editor) "Stories and essays from such well-known authors as Zane Grey, Sigurd Olson, Ernest Hemingway, Robert Ruark, Patrick McManus, Norman Maclean, and Jimmy Carter combine with historical and current photos of most styles of fishing. Fishing collectibles, period magazine covers, lure catalogs, ads, and other items round out the volume to bring readers a fantastic tribute to one of our favorite pastimes."

coverThe Complete Book of Fishing Knots : Fundamental Knots/Loop Knots/Joining Knots/Hook, Lure, Swivel and Sinker Knots, Other Useful Knots by Geoffrey Budworth

The Fishermans Companion by Frank Holan, Mary Villarejo (Illustrator), Jerry Gibbs

Fishing Legend Logbook by Glenn P. Murray "The story of the fish of a lifetime stays with you for at least that long! "

The Fishing Lure Collector's Bible : The Most Comprehensive Antique Fishing Lure Identification & Value Guide Available by R. L. Streater, Rick Edmisten (Contributor), Dudley Murphy (Contributor)

The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing by Melissa Bank

The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing [ABRIDGED] Audio Cassette

Great Fishing Tackle Catalogs of the Golden Age by Samuel Melner (Editor), Hermann Kessler (Editor), Sparse Grey Hackle (Introduction)

coverGuide to Rigging Braid, Dacron, and Gelspun Lines by Geoff Wilson

The Idyll of the Split-Bamboo : A Carefully Detailed Description of the Rod's Building Prefaced by a Dissertation on the Joys of Angling There Being a by Holden, George Parker Holden

coverOld Fishing Lures & Tackle : Identification and Value Guide by Carl F. Luckey

A Sportsman's Life : How I Built Orvis by Mixing Business and Sport by Leigh Perkins, Geoffrey Norman

cover What Fish See : Understanding Optics and Color Shifts for Designing Lures and Flies by Colin J. Kageyama

Wisdom of Our Fathers : Timeless Life Lessons on Health, Wealth, God, Golf, Fear, Fishing, Sex, Serenity, Laughter, and Hope by Joe Kita, Lam Kam Chuen

You Can Break the World Record! by Jeanne Craig "Every year, the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) recognizes hundreds of new and world angling recoreds for gamefish ranging from bluegills to blue marlin. ... This book reveals the methods used by world-record anglers in fresh- and saltwater, profiles many of today's most successful anglers, and explains the IGFA regulations for sportfishing catches."

2002 Fishing Tips and Tricks; by Vlad Evanoff

Antique Fly Reels : A History & Value Guide; by Daniel B. Homel

The Complete Book of Light-Tackle Fishing; by Mark Sosin

Great Fishing Tackle Catalogs of the Golden Age; by Samuel Melner (Editor), Hermann Kessler (Editor), Sparse Grey Hackle

Guide to Fly Fishing Knots : A Basic Streamside Guide for Fly Fishing Knots, Tippets, and Leader Formulas; by Larry V. Notley, Flip Pallot

Guide to Rigging Braid, Dacron, and Gelspun Lines; by Geoff Wilson

Ken Schultz's Fishing Encyclopedia; by Ken Schultz

Lunkers! : Over 120 Hilarious Fishing Cartoons; by John Troy

Profiles in Saltwater Angling : A History of the Sport - Its People and Places, Tackle and Techniques; by George Reiger

Spin Casting Brilliantly; by J. Alan Baumgarten, E. R. Jenne (Illustrator), Greg Siple (Illustrator), Michael J. Rutter

The Complete Book of Tackle Making; by C. Boyd Pfeiffer

The Fisherman's Guide to Tackle : Essential Hints, Tactics and Techniques; by Emilio Fernandez Roman

The Fishing Lure Collector's Bible : The Most Comprehensive Antique Fishing Lure Identification & Value Guide Available; by Richard L. Streater, Rick Edmisten (Contributor), Dudley Murphy (Contributor)

The Lure Of Fishing; by Linda Bullock, Susan Todd (Illustrator)

Ultralight Spin-Fishing: A Practical Guide for Freshwater and Saltwater Anglers; by Peter F. Cammann

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