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Boat Ramps in SE Florida

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Dade CountyRamp Gator

Many of the saltwater ramps are located at Metro-Dade Park's Full-Service Marinas. The last time I checked, the launch fee was $8.00 at all Dade parks and most were open Sunrise to Sunset although some allowed 24 hr. ramp access.

  • Location: Haulover Park, AIA between Sunny Isles and Bal Harbour.
  • Waterway: ICW and Haulover Inlet. N. Biscayne Bay.
  • Condition: Good, 10 ramps, slight hump in ramp. Checked 06/01
  • Notes: Marina, Bait, Some-what limited parking, Launch fees.
  • GPS: HULVER, 25.917000258, 080.1236022357
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  • Location: Pelican Harbor Marina, South side of 79 St Causeway in the middle of the Intercostal waterway.
  • Waterway: ICW between Haulover and Government Cut.
  • Condition: Good, 8 ramps, docks, checked 12/02.
  • Notes: OK parking, Marina, Bait, etc. are on North side of Causeway, $8 Weekends & Holidays, Open 24/7.
  • GPS: 79STCW, 25.847863639, 080.1683522109
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  • Location: Miami, Legion Park, From Biscayne Blvd. (US1) take NE 64 St. east to the bay.
  • Waterway: Biscayne Bay.
  • Condition: Good, 1 ramp, double wide, a little slippery and a little short at low tide, 1 dock, checked 01/99.
  • Notes: OK parking, questionable security.
  • GPS: LEGION, 25.83535, 080.18074
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  • Location: Miami, Morningside Park, From Biscayne Blvd. (US1) take NE 55 Terr. east to the bay and then drive south into the park.
  • Waterway: Biscayne Bay.
  • Condition: Good, 1 ramp, about four wide, a little slippery and a little short at low tide, no dock, checked 01/99.
  • Notes: OK parking, questionable security.
  • GPS: MRNGSD, 25.82337, 080.17832
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  • Location: Miami Beach, Sunset Harbor Marina, From Alton Rd. (between Julia Tuttle and Venetian Causeways) go west on 20 St. or Dade Blvd. to Purdy Ave. and go to the North end of the marina/park.
  • Waterway: Biscayne Bay, Government Cut
  • Condition: Good, 1 ramp, double wide, side docks, checked 12/02
  • Notes: Good parking, Located next to a police sub-station, but the condition of the restrooms makes me wonder about security. Closed 10PM-7AM.
  • GPS: MIABCH, 25.7939, 080.14486
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  • Location: Japanesse Gardens /Watson Park/Watson Island. MacArthur Causeway (41), N. side.
  • Waterway: Biscayne Bay, Government Cut
  • Condition: Closed again for repairs until Aug.???. Good, 6 ramps w/docks, Repairs completed, checked 12/02
  • Notes: Parking on grass, bait & fuel available on S. side of island.
  • GPS: WATSON, 25.783286691, 080.1723005902
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  • Location: Crandon Park Marina, Take Rickenbacker Causeway to Key Biscayne. Located at Bear Cut Bridge, third from the mainland.
  • Waterway: Biscayne Bay & Atlantic Ocean
  • Condition: Very Good, New concrete docks, 7 ramps, double wide. Checked 05/98.
  • Notes: Causeway toll, Ramp fees, Restrooms, Marina, B&T, Good Parking.
  • GPS: CRNDON, 25.723661100, 080.1547427662
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  • Location: Seminole Ramp, Dinner Key Marina, Coconut Grove.
  • Waterway: Biscayne Bay
  • Condition: 6 ramps, Good, Recently renovated and much improved. Checked 12/02
  • Notes: Marina, security could be better, the area is too busy for me (Sailboat country and down-town traffic). $8 at meter to park w/trailer only, 42 spaces.
  • GPS: DNRKEY, 25.727169430, 080.2374352701
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  • Location: Mathison Hammock Park. South of N. Kendall Dr. on Old Cutler Creek Rd.
  • Waterway: South Biscayne Bay
  • Condition: Very Good, New Ramps under construction, 4 open when checked. Checked 09/96
  • Notes: Ramp fees, Marina, B&T.
  • GPS: MTHSN , 25.681233918, 080.2650994062
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  • Location: Black Point Park, from Fla. Turnpike take Allapattah Rd. north to SW 248th St., then east to park entrance.
  • Waterway: South Biscayne Bay
  • Condition: Very Good, 10 ramps. Checked 05/98.
  • Notes: Ramp fees, Marina, B&T.
  • GPS: BLK-PT, 25.537875295, 080.3276755940
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  • Location: Homestead Bayfront Park, from US1 take SW 328th St. east to park.
  • Waterway: South Biscayne Bay
  • Condition: Very Good, 10 ramps, Checked 03/98
  • Notes: Park fees weekends and Holidays. Marina, Located next to Biscayne National Park.
  • GPS: HOMSTD, 25.462440848, 080.3384149913
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  • Location: Krome Ave., north of Tamiami Trail, US 41
  • Waterway: L-30, the Everglades
  • Condition: Poor, Wide, but shallow, pavment broken at water's edge. Checked 10/98
  • Notes: Some maintenance, but very dirty, paved parking, security doubtful. Closed dusk to dawn.
  • GPS: KROME, 25.78266, 080.48196

  • Location: Tamiami Trail, US 41, west of Krome Ave.
  • Waterway: Taimiami Canal/L-29, WCA 3/L-67C, the Everglades
  • Condition: varies Good to Poor Checked 10/98
  • Notes: Ramps located at about 12, 13 and 16 miles west of Krome Ave.
  • 12 mi. Main GoTo Pic GPS: TTRL12, 25.76358, 080.67376
  • 12 mi. North GoTo Pic
  • 13 mi. GoTo Pic GPS: TTRL13, 25.76219, 080.68392
  • 16 mi. GoTo Pic GPS: TTRL16, 25.76234, 080.72935

  • Location: US 441 (SR 7) south of County Line Road, North Miami Beach (On the east side or 441, South of NW 202 Terr. and on the north bank of the canal.)
  • Waterway: Snake Creek (C-9)
  • Condition: Poor, steep, drop off at bottom. Checked 10/02
  • Notes: Access and security are so-so, but many people use this ramp including myself. Watch for low bridges on Snake Creek.
  • GPS: SNKCRK, 25.960264206, 080.2052969579
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  • Location: NW South River Drive across from the Medley Public Works & Utility Dept. From US 27, just east of the Turnpike Extension, turn south on NW 116 Way and then East on NW South River Drive.
  • Waterway: Miami Canal (C-6)
  • Condition: Poor, shallow ramp, sharp drop at end. Checked 05/98
  • Notes: Private/CLOSED by City of Medely
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  • Location: Quail Ave., Miami Springs. From US 27, east of the Turnpike Extension, turn south on Milander Blvd. (W. 12 Ave), east on N. Royal Poinciana Blvd. and north on Quail Ave. The ramp is on the south bank of the canal.
  • Waterway: Miami Canal (C-6)
  • Condition: Checked 05/98
  • Notes: CLOSED

  • Location: Maceo Park, Miami. From the Dolphin Expressway (836), turn South on Red Road (NW 57 Ave.), then East on NW 7 St. to NW 51 Ave., turn left into the park.
  • Waterway: Miami Airport Lakes (C-4)
  • Condition: Good, double wide, docks. Checked 06/99.
  • Notes: Dawn to dusk, picnic, playground. Fees on weekends & hollidays.
  • GPS: MACEO , 25.779681634, 080.2786177397
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  • Location: From Kendal Dr. take SW 99 Ct. North to Snapper Creek Dr. N., east after the bridge, Coral Gables
  • Waterway: Snapper Creek Canal (C-2)
  • Condition: Good but small. Checked 05/98.
  • Notes: Lots of personal watercraft here.
  • GPS: SNPRCR, 25.694564413, 080.3513486031
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  • Location: Cutler Ridge From SW 216 St (Hanlin Mill Rd.) just east of the Turnpike Ext., turn south on SW 102 Ave. south-west on Old Cutler Rd. for about 50 yds., then east on SW 224 Street. The road turns south on SW 97th Ave for about 1 mile until you cross the canal. Take the dirt road on the south side of the canal back west to the ramp.
  • Waterway: Black Creek (C-1)
  • Condition: Poor, sharp drop at end of ramp. Checked 05/98.
  • Notes: Room to park, but no security.
  • GPS: BLKCRK, 25.549210310, 080.3484410886
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  • Location: Take Eureka Dr. (SW 184 St.) West from US-1 to Lindgrem Rd. (SW 137 Ave.). The ramp is on the SW corner of the intersection.
  • Waterway: Black Creek (C-1)
  • Condition: I have been told this ramp is gone, "within the last week, they filled it in. There is now nothing but a steep vertical bank." Thanks David! 07/03.
  • Notes:
  • GPS: EUREKA, 25.59629, 080.41330
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  • Location: Goulds, East of Monkey Jungle. From Dixie Hwy. (US 1) go west on SW 216 St. (Hanlin Mill Dr.) approx. 1.5 miles to the second bridge. The ramp is on the east bank, south of the road.
  • Waterway: Princeton Canal (C-102)
  • Condition: Poor/Unusable. Checked 12/02.
  • Notes: Jon boats maybe? No room to park.
  • GPS: PRNCTN, 25.565748895, 080.4229583032
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  • Location: Cutler Ridge. From Krome Ave. go west on SW 192 St (Grossman Farm Rd.) approx. 1.5 miles. Ramp is on the south bank of the canal, north of the road.
  • Waterway: Princeton Canal (C-101) & L-31.
  • Condition: Poor Checked 12/02.
  • Notes: Wide shoulder for parking
  • GPS: GRSSMN, 25.587131381, 080.5019278172
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  • Location: The Falls Shopping Mall. From US 1 go west on SW 136 St. then south over the canal on SW 92 Ave. Come back east approx. 1/4 mile on the dirt road on the south side of the canal to the SFWMD structure.
  • Waterway: C-100C
  • Condition: Poor on east, Unusable on west. both are rough, uneven and slippery. Checked 03/98.
  • Notes: There are 2 gravel ramps, one on each side of the flood control structure.
  • GPS: FALLS , 25.642900039, 080.3386777639
  • East GoTo Pic West

  • Location: From US-1, just south of the end of the Turnpike in Florida City, take 334 St. west and follow the signs to Everglades National Park. The ramp is just before the park enterance on the North side of the road.
  • Waterway: L-31W
  • Condition: Fair, Checked 05/98.
  • Notes: Ramp is short and shallow, but there is plenty of room for parking in an open field.
  • GPS: EVG-1, 25.39832, 080.57203
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