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Monroe CountyRamp Gator

  • Location: Everglades National Park, Everglades/Chokoloskee. Alligator Alley (I-75) or Tamiami Trail (US 41) east, then SR 29 south to the Gulf.
  • Waterway: Gulf of Mexico, & 10,000 Islands
  • Notes: All of the ramps in this area are private and have a fee. They were all in generally good condition, although most were a little small. They are associated with a marina or resort so amenities such as food fuel, restrooms and B&T are the norm. Checked 01/98
  • Everglades City; Barron River Resort (GPS: EVGLHV, 25.845546126, 081.3839936256)  goto pic, Glades Haven.
  • Chokoloskee; Outdoor Resorts (GPS: CHOTDR, 25.818386078, 081.3592100143)  goto pic,
  • Chk. Island Park (GPS: CHISPK, 25.813971078, 081.3638341427)  goto pic,
  • Parkway Marina (GPS: CHPKVL, 25.812050868, 081.3635552768)  goto pic. (The lift at Parkway is the one that I used with Capt. Asaro and it is the only working lift that I know of in the area.)
  • Port of the Islands is on US41 west of SR29. It is a little outside my area, but is used to access the 10,000 Islands area. They have a single ramp that is open to the public for a fee. They have all the usual Resort extras. It is a slow ride to the Gulf because the area is a Manatee Zone. (GPS: PRTISL, 25.956713045, 081.5118922479) I should have a better pic soon, but I liked the sunrise anyway.

  • Location: Everglades National Park, Flamingo Visitor Centre. From the junction of the Turnpike Ext. and US-1 at Florida City, take SR 9336 south-west to Flamingo.
  • Waterway: 2 ramps, one to Florida Bay & Cape Sable (outside) and one to Whitewater Bay & Buttonwood Canal (inside).
  • Condition: Very Good, Checked 07/97
  • Notes: Park fees, Visitor Station, cabins and campground.
  • Outside, Inside - and make sure the ramp is clear before backing down.

*** Bobbie and I started this project as a long weekend in the Keys  in 1995.  During that trip we were able to check the location and condition of the ramps in this section. Almost half of the original ramps from other sources had to be deleted or updated and at least two new locations were added. In addition to the ramps listed here, there are a large number of private marinas and boat ramps associated with motels and private clubs throughout the Keys. (See the Florida Keys link for some possibilities.) I have used the Mile Marker (MM) numbers starting from Miami and counting down. These are usually the actual markers along the road and may vary slightly from some maps.***

  • Location: Card Sound Road has two boatramps. The first is a private ramp at Alabama Jack's and the second is just past the toll plaza before the bridge.
  • Waterway: Bayside
  • Condition: Poor, shallow and very uneven, Checked 04/98
  • Notes: There is a fee at Alabama Jack's, or you have to pay the bridge tolls to reach the second ramp.
  • GPS: CRDSND, 25.289658308, 080.3752416372
  • Alabama Jack's GoTo Pic, Card Sound Bridge GoTo Pic
  • Location: US1, MM-111, Little Blackwater Sound Park
  • Waterway: Bayside
  • Condition: Poor, no dock, Checked 2008
  • Notes: This ramp seems to have been lost to the new road construction.
  • GPS: MM-111, 25.212936401, 080.4254741315
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  • Location: MM-104 Caribbean Club
  • Waterway: Bayside
  • Condition: Good, shallow, Checked 05/97
  • Notes: Private ramp, fee. Safer than Barnes Sound.
  • GPS: MM-104, 25.145033598, 080.3972572088
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  • Location: MM-102, John Pennekamp State Park
  • Waterway: Oceanside
  • Condition: Very good
  • Notes: Park fees, very heavily used, excellent park.Checked 04/00
  • GPS: PNNKMP, 25.12365, 080.40722
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  • Location: MM-92.5, Harry Harris County Park, Take Burton Dr. to end, park entrance is on Beach Rd.
  • Waterway: Oceanside
  • Condition: Very Good, 2 ramps, parking for 20 trailers, Checked 04/00
  • Notes: Park fees weekends and holidays, 8:00 am to sundown, restrooms, picnic tables, playground, good security and sandy beach.
  • GPS: HARRIS, 25.02455, 080.49456
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  • Location: MM-92, Tavernier, Jo-Jean Way
  • Waterway: Bayside, Tavernier Creek
  • Condition: Fair, small ramp at end of street, Note: 09/08
  • Notes: There is NO parking for a truck/trailer after you launch. If you park on the adjacent private property, your vehicle will be towed.. I've seen two towed in the last two weeks... The ramp is "publc" for those that live in the neighborhood and can return their vehicle/trailer to their home.. Best Regards, Barry
  • GPS: MM-092, 25.02455, 080.49456

From Capt Capt. Barry Hoffman in the Keys, 11/97 "Hello Jim, found your website on a rainy day here in the Keys. Anyway, there's a ramp that a lot of the guides use down in Islamorada. It's safe, protected from the winds, and in good shape. It's called Matecumbe Marina. It's located at MM 81ish on the bayside of US 1. The cost is ten dollars for the day. The free ones are usually exposed to the wind (especially in the winter months,) but I've heard a few stories of theft and vandelisim. It's watched over by a nice guy in a houseboat that lives adjacent to the ramp. I've no affiliation with the marina. Just a nice place. Hope its news you can use, Barry" www.flatsguide.com (Thank you Capt. Hoffman! Jim)

  • Location: MM-79, Indian Key Fill Boat Ramp
  • Waterway: Bayside and Ocean via Hawk Channel
  • Condition: Poor, unpaved, shallow, no dock, Checked 05/03
  • Notes: Access for Lignumvitae and Indian Keys.
  • GPS: MM-079, 24.889665842, 080.6778055429
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  • Location: MM-53, Marathon Boat Ramp
  • Waterway: Bayside, Vaca Cut to Ocean.
  • Condition: Good, no dock, Checked 05/03
  • Notes: Limited access, additional parking at Quey or across the street. Low overhead.
  • GPS: MM-053, 24.733218038, 081.0181135777
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  • Location: MM-51, North on Aviation Blvd. at west end of Airport. Go north and east to corner of Harbor Dr.
  • Waterway: Bayside
  • Condition: This ramp is being renovated, Checked 06/06
  • Notes: Tiny park, very limited access and parking.
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  • Location: MM-49, North on 33 St., behind Marathon Yacht Club
  • Waterway: Bayside
  • Condition: Good, Checked 05/03
  • Notes: Parking, dock, busy
  • GPS: MM-049, 24.713251675, 081.0951252468
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  • Location: MM-39, Little Duck Key
  • Waterway: Bayside or Ocean, West end of 7 Mile Bridge.
  • Condition: Good, Checked 06/06
  • Notes: Good access & parking, dock, shallow at low tide.
  • GPS: MM-039, 24.682052219, 081.2294502743
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  • Location: MM-37, Bahia Honda State Rec. Area
  • Waterway: Oceanside and Bayside
  • Condition: Very Good 2 Ramps, Checked 06/06
  • Notes: Park fee, restrooms, snackbar, beach, open 8:00 am to sunset.
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  • Location: MM-34, Spanish Harbor Wayside Park, on West Summerland Key
  • Waterway: Bayside
  • Condition: Good/Poor Short ramp, shallow at low tide, no dock, Checked 04/98
  • Notes:
  • GPS: MM-034, 24.649994457, 081.3179469109
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For your consideration since you may deem the info as too commercial. There is a VERY nice private boat ramp on the Big Pine Key side of the No Name Key viaduct. The fee for the last three years has been $5.00. Hours as I recall are from 0700 to 1700 hours. The ramp gives acess to both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Use caution going to the Gulf. There are rental units availables, bait, tackle, fuel, limited food, and very nice management. For anyone using a nautical chart, the ramp is on the Bogie Channel. The name of the Marina is: The Old Wooden Bridge Marina. (Thank you arj! Jim)

  • Location: MM-30, Big Pine Key, North on Key Deer Blvd, east on Big Pine St., north on Koehn Ave., ramp is straight off the end of the road.
  • Waterway: Bayside
  • Condition: Poor, Very shallow at low tide, no dock, Checked 05/97
  • Notes: No real parking or security
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  • Location: MM-28, Little Torch Key, North on old SR 4A
  • Waterway: Oceanside & Bayside (Newfound Harbor Channel thru canals)
  • Condition: Good, Checked 04/98
  • Notes: Parking across street.
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  • Location: MM-11, Shark Key
  • Waterway: Oceanside
  • Condition: Poor, no dock, Checked 05/03
  • Notes: Very tight maneuvering, limited parking.
  • GPS: MM-011, 24.601237262, 081.6474830266
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  • Location: MM-6, Stock Island
  • Waterway: Oceanside
  • Condition: Poor, no dock, Checked 05/03
  • Notes: Tight maneuvering, limited parking.
  • GPS: MM-006, 24.575128639, 081.7323213816
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  • Location: Key West, A1A, MM-2.5, Garrison Bight
  • Waterway: Key West Harbor, Gulf
  • Condition: Very Good, double wide, dock. Checked 05/03
  • Notes: $5 for ramp, $6 all day parking
  • GPS:
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  • Location: Key West, Roosevelt Blvd., west end of Smather's Beach
  • Waterway: Ocean
  • Condition: Poor/Unusable. Ramp in very poor condition. Launch from busy A1A right on a 90 degree curve. Checked 05/03
  • Notes: Emergency use only?
  • GPS: SMTHRS, 24.550811648, 081.7762936000
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  • Location: Key West, North end of Simonton St.
  • Waterway: Gulf of Mexico
  • Condition: Good, single ramp, dock, sunrise to sunset. Checked 05/03
  • Notes: $1/hr meters (bring quarters), restrooms, small beach.
  • GPS:
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Terms - Palm Bch. - Broward - Dade - Monroe

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