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Palm Beach CountyRamp Gator

  • Location: South Bay, US 27 just north of town.
  • Waterway: Lake Okeechobee
  • Condition: Good, 3 ramps, steep. Checked 01/00
  • Notes: New campground with restrooms. Steep access over the dike.
  • GPS: S-BAY, 26.68218, 080.73134
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  • Location: Belle Glade Recreation Area,Torry Island, CR 717 North from Bell Glade. Cross Rim Canal.
  • Waterway: Lake Okeechobee
  • Condition: Very good, 2 sets of ramps, 2&6 ramps. Also ramp for airboats. Checked 01/00
  • Notes: Restrooms, Campground & picnic area. Slims B&T.
  • GPS: SLIMS, 26.70481, 080.71583
  • GPS: BELGLD, 26.70444, 080.71805
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  • Location: Paul Rardin Park, SR 715 between Belle Glade and Pahokee.
  • Waterway: Lake Okeechobee
  • Condition: Good, double wide, a little steep. No dock or parking at ramp. Steep access over dike. Checked 01/00.
  • Notes: Small park with restrooms and picnic area.
  • GPS: RARDIN, 26.74984, 080.68391
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  • Location: Pahokee Marina and Campground, Pahokee Fl.
  • Waterway: Lake Okeechobee, open water.
  • Condition: Good. Steep access over dike. Checked 01/00.
  • Notes: Marina and campgrounds.
  • GPS: PAHOKE, 26.82498, 080.66773
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  • Location: Canal Point Lions Club Park at the intersection of US 441 & US 98
  • Waterway: Lake Okeechobee, open water.
  • Condition: Good. Small, shallow, no dock. Steep access over dike. Checked 9/96.
  • Notes: Located at L-10, West Palm Beach Canal.
  • GPS: CNLPT, 26.86595, 080.63166
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  • Location: Oglethorpe Rd. east of airport. From Belvedere Rd, just east of I-95, turn south on Tuxedo Ave. then take a right at the sheriff's motor pool.
  • Waterway: Palm Beach Canal all the way to Lake Okeechobee.
  • Condition: Good, two revamped ramps. Checked 06/99.
  • Notes: Good parking.(This ramp was pointed out by someone in Palm Bch. Sorry, I lost the original EMail.)
  • GPS: OGLTHR, 26.685511982, 080.0732410792
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  • Location: Okeeheelee Park, Forrest Hill Blvd. east of Turnpine overpass.
  • Waterway: Okeeheelee, Trolling motors only! No gas engines.
  • Condition: Very Good, 1ramps. small dock, Checked 01/00
  • Notes: Restrooms, pavilions, picnic areas, tennis, etc.
  • GPS: OKHLEE, 26.65525, 080.16636
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  • Location: John Prince Park, 6th Ave S. just west of I-95.
  • Waterway: Lake Osborne
  • Condition: Very Good, 2 ramps, dock. Checked 05/05
  • Notes: Restrooms, picnic areas, tennis, etc.
  • GPS: OSBORN, 26.615088070, 080.0784766674
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  • Location: Pioneer Park, You get to the ramp by taking Boynton Beach Blvd off of I95 heading west. Heading west take a right on NW 7th Street/7th Court. Turn left on NW 13th Avenue. Right on NW 8th Street. Go to the end and you should see it as you are turning right.
  • Waterway: The ramp opens on canal C-16. From this canal one can get to the E4 canal and then North to Lake Osborne or South to Lake Ida.
  • Condition: A two lane ramp maintained by the city of Boynton Beach .
  • Notes: submitted by Edward Shockley on 06/03/01.
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  • Location: Lake Ida West Park. Exit I 95 at Atlantic Blvd. (Delray Bch.), go west to Congress Ave., north to Lake Ida Rd. and back east under I 95 to the park. (A dirt ramp is also located on the east side of the lake at NE 11 St.)
  • Waterway: Lake Ida
  • Condition: Improved, 2 ramps with docks, steep incline,Checked 06/02
  • Notes: Restrooms & picnic areas.
  • GPS: LK-IDA, 26.479668617, 080.0843077898
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  • Location: Loxahatchee Recreation Area, from US 441 just north of the Broward County line, go west on FL 827 about 6 miles to the ramp.
  • Waterway: Water Conservation Areas 1 & 2. (Note: 20 Mile Bend boatramp on the north has been closed.)
  • Condition: These ramps have recently been improved, but I have not had a chance to visit them. 06/02
  • Notes: Park fees, restrooms, airboat rides.
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  • Location: Burt Reynolds Park, on US 1 just south of the Loxahatchee River
  • Waterway: Loxahatchee River and Jupiter Inlet
  • Condition: Very Good, 2 ramps east of US1 and 4 on the west, Checked 04/98
  • Notes: Restrooms & picnic areas on east side of park.
  • GPS: RYNLDS, 26.940332819, 080.0850105286
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  • Location: Bert Winters Park, Ellison Wilson Rd, south of Donald Ross Rd.
  • Waterway: ICW, Lake Worth Creek
  • Condition: Very Good, 2 ramps, docks, Checked 5/99
  • Notes: Good parking, restrooms at park.
  • GPS: WINTRS, 26.87399, 080.06621
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  • Location: Juno Park, Juno Rd. west from US-1, or Ellison Wilson Rd north from PGA Blvd.
  • Waterway: ICW, Lake Worth Creek
  • Condition: Good, 1 ramp, dock, Checked 5/99
  • Notes: Good parking, restrooms & tables at park, a little cramped.
  • GPS: JUNO-P, 26.85325, 080.06617
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  • Location: North Palm Beach Village, Anchorage Dr.
  • Waterway: N. Palm Bch. Waterway
  • Condition: Good, single ramp, dock. Checked 5/99
  • Notes: Village residents only, decal required.
  • GPS: N-PBCH, 26.81391, 080.06819
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  • Location: Phil Foster Park, before Singer Island just west of US 1 on Blue Heron Blvd.
  • Waterway: Lake Worth Inlet
  • Condition: Good, 2 ramps, double wide, Checked 07/05
  • Notes: Park in being rennovated. Ramps and parking are still avaliable.
  • GPS: SINGER, 26.784759164, 080.0421222579
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  • Location: Curry Park, take Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. east from I-95 to the end, go north on Flagler Drive to park entrance.
  • Waterway: Lake Worth, ICW
  • Condition: Good, 6 lanes, Checked 06/99
  • Notes: Restrooms, security could be better.
  • GPS: PLMBCH, 26.735749757, 080.0497877598
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  • Location: Bryant Park, on the mainland side of Lake Worth Bridge on Lake Worth Rd.
  • Waterway: Lake Worth, ICW
  • Condition: Good, 2 ramps, double wide?, Checked 06/99
  • Notes: Restrooms, Good Parking
  • GPS: LKWRTH, 26.614261949, 080.0474061258
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  • Location: Lantana Sportsman's Park, from I95 east on Lantana Rd., south on US1 and east on Ocean Ave to the bridge.
  • Waterway: Lake Worth, ICW
  • Condition: Good, 2ramps, Checked 06/99
  • Notes: Docks, fair parking, B&T shop; park and restrooms across the road.
  • GPS: LANTNA, 26.583974445, 080.0474544056
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  • Location: Boynton Inlet Boat Club Park, on US 1 south of Hypoluxo Rd.
  • Waterway: Boynton Inlet, ICW
  • Condition: Very Good, 6 ramps, Checked 06/99
  • Notes: Restrooms, picnic, B&T shop, Coast Guard Aux.
  • GPS: BOYNTN, 26.547287190, 080.0534463767
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  • Location: Knowles Park, Delray Beach, on US 1, north of Linton Blvd.
  • Waterway: , ICW
  • Condition: Good, 2 ramps, Checked 06/02
  • Notes: Restrooms, playground, open 8:00 AM to Dusk.
  • GPS: DELRAY, 26.444789171, 080.0661546830
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  • Location: Boca Raton, just southeast of the bridge off Palmetto Park Rd. at SE 5 Ave.
  • Waterway: ICW, Boca Raton Inlet
  • Condition: Very Good, 2 ramps, Checked 06/02
  • Notes: Permit Only "a decal must be purchased yearly with the city of Boca for Boca Raton residents to use the launch. They claim that too many people were coming from all over and there was not enough parking to accomodate everyone." (Thank you gbs! Jim)
    "Palmetto Park Road... On the west seawall of the intracoastal... quick access to Boca Inlet... Well Maintained ramp. 2 slots .. very busy on weekends - but park ranger keeps people moving, and coaches the rookies. This location has strong currents, best to launch boat with a good hold on the ropes.Directly on intracoastal, 1/2 mile north of Boca Inlet - on Lake Boca. Restrooms available." LeeBingham <LeeBingham@prodigy.net> (Thank you Lee! Jim)
  • GPS: BOCA , 26.350160837, 080.0762397051
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Terms - Palm Bch. - Broward - Dade - Monroe

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