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BARRACUDA, Sphyraena barracuda Barracuda

This is the bad guy of the saltwater scene. A lurking villain, waiting for the first sign of weakness or venerability; to come slashing in, slicing the hapless victim into bitesize pieces. If the intended victim includes your hook and a stout leader, the result can be blazing runs and acrobatic leaps. If the victim was your intended dinner, you may be a little less pleased.Florida Cuda Photo by Ben Taylor in the Keys

All sportfish are predators, but the barracuda really plays the part to the max. Just trying to remove the hook from a large cuda can be more excitement then a whole fishing trip for less intimidating species.

Cudas don't come as far inland as the other saltwater species on my list. Their real home seems to be on the reefs Plenty are also available along the beach or in the intercostal. They will move up some side canals, but stay well away from fresh water.

Live bait is always a hit with barracuda and blue runners seem to be a favorite. Long, thin and fast seems to be the recipe for a successful artificial lure. A wire leader is always a good idea.

Small barracuda can be eaten but larger fish may be poisonous due to ciguatera. Remember, barracudas play an important role in the marine environment so please practice catch and release.

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