Inshore Fish!ing Report

A Meteor Morning

Everglades National Park, Fl

Nov. 18, 2001

by: Jim Sawyer

Black DrumI went out for short day fishing with Capt John Griffiths on Nov. 18th. In case you missed it, the 18th was also the day of the Leonid Meteor Showers. My wife got up early to see me off and we enjoyed the show and a cup of coffee before I headed for Flamingo. We had an unusually clear sky and were able to watch several meteors pass overhead. All earlier reported showers were either no-shows or more often blocked by heavy clouds.

The key word for fishing this fall has been windy. We had an early start to the mullet run in Mid Sept., but it was followed by a series of cold fronts, stalled cold fronts and a late season hurricane named Michelle. High winds and rain runoff have kept the waters choppy and dirty most of the time.

Cast NettingThe morning was breaking clear and sunny with just a slight breeze. The water was still murky, but we were on the last half of a rising tide so we hoped for some cleaner water. We ran out to our regular spots at East Cape Canal and Lake Ingram. I started with a black drum and then John matched my black and topped me with two redfish and a small snook. We had started with live shrimp, but switched to pilchards and finger mullet that John cast netted. His main advantage seemed to be that he was using a sliding sinker "fish finder" rig while I was using jigs. ( I'm sure it couldn't have been skill or anything like that!) The pilchards were small enough to use three on a hook, but they were the hit of the day. All of our bites were on the bottom around fallen trees.

RedfishAs the tide shifted, unfortunately so did the wind which started blowing a stiff 15-20 from the East. The water had never cleared enough for sight fishing and now he chop and muddy water shut down our plans to fish the small keys on the way back. A couple small showers just added insult to injury. We both had other appointments in the afternoon so we called an early day. It wasn't a great day for fishing, but as usual John knew how to make the best of the time and conditions we had. With meteors or fishing, you take any break in the weather you can.

You can visit his website for more information.

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