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Links to more information on Peacock Bass in Florida

Ron Looi's Peacock Bass Page "If I am allowed to catch only one fish, let it be the Pavon" (Ron helped me with my first Bass page and is very knowledgeable about the Peacock bass.)

Capt. Jim Anson's Fishing for Peacock Bass "Clients of Captain Jim Anson have over 16 IGFA certified world records for Butterfly Peacock Bass. Two of these set by a three year old girl! Come fish with the best Peacock Bass guide in the world."

Beyond the Largemouth Bass by Kris Thoemke, "There are legions of anglers in Florida that have a singular purpose in life - catching bass, specifically largemouth bass. To them it is the only fish to pursue. But, it is far from the only species of bass swimming in Florida waters. Seven other bass species live in the state's waters but you'll have to move around the state to catch them"

DIVISION OF FRESHWATER FISHERIES Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission 'All you need to know about freshwater fishing in Florida. Let Florida fishing trips be your escape to relax, enjoy family and friends, and reconnect with nature.'

SOUTH FLORIDA PEACOCK BASS FISHERY BROCHURES Excellent information on S. Fla. Canal system from the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Hawghunters, "If you have never fished for a Peacock bass, we hope this peaks your interest enough to take your first venture into the Miami Lakes for this fantastic sport fish. We have had hundreds of clients in search of Peacock bass and would be delighted if you would allow us to make your fishing trip of a lifetime dream come true."

A1A Sportfishing, "We have freshwater fishing here too. In fact, our bass fishing produces some of the largest average size fish that you will find anywhere in the U.S. The canals are full of largemouth bass and a good number of exotic peacock bass are here too."

BUTTERFLY PEACOCK BASS Compiled by: Bob Wattendorf "Are you ready for superb South American fishing, and a chance to catch a hard-fighting, flaming red, butterfly peacock bass? How about if you can do it without leaving Florida? Thanks to very thorough, conservation-minded research and open minds, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) stocked several major southeast Florida canal systems with butterfly peacock between 1984 and 1987. This was a unique effort on the part of the agency."

A SOUTH AMERICAN FISHING TRIP–WITHIN FLORIDA Compiled by: Herb Allen "Before packing your bag, purchasing an airline ticket and embarking upon that trek to South America, here's a erstwhile, closely guarded semi-secret to ponder: There's a world-class peacock bass fishery awaiting both beginner and experienced anglers in Florida's Dade and Broward County."

THE WORLD'S MOST EXCITING - PEACOCK BASS! by Larry Larsen, "The peacock bass by nature is aggressive and its personality is downright belligerent. It is a fish so powerful that it can destroy tackle, straighten hooks and tear the hardware right out of hardwood and plastic baits. The fiercest fighting fish in the world will smash and mangle lures, even break them apart, and then give you the battle of your life."

OTHER FRESHWATER FISHES BUTTERFLY PEACOCK, "Description - The body shape is similar to that of a largemouth bass. Body color is generally golden with three black vertical bars and a black spot with a silver halo on the caudal fin but have highly variable color patterns. In older fish, the bars tend to fade and may be completely absent in fish larger than 3 pounds."

PEACOCKBASS.COM "This directory has the ultimate site listings for peacock bass information! Simply find your peacock bass area of interest and start exploring great sites!!!!"
South Florida's Peacock Bass by Carlos Hidalgo,  You can't find many books more specific, or more informative, than this. Where to find them, what to use and how to get there. If you still have any questions, there is even a list of guides.

Avaliable from Amazon.com, or you can order a copy for $12.95 +tax from CatFish Books, inc., PO Box 26087, Tamarac, FL  33320-6087; or call 1-888-347-4422

More Peacocks by Unknown

Or, If you want to go after them in their home waters...

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Jesse Parker's Headwaters Peacock Bass Fishing Club "The explosive strikes of the Peacock bass give rise to acrobatic jumps, making it one of the world's most extravagant game fish to catch. Topwater fishing is a thrill of a lifetime that you don't want to miss."

Peacock Bay Lodge "Exciting Peacock Bass Fishing, Jungle Adventure, Eco Tours and Birding on Lake Guri at the edge of La Gran Sabana in Venezuela"

VENEZUELA WILDERNESS AND FRESHWATER FISHING "Welcome, this is an invitation to enjoy Venezuelan wilderness, sightseeing and freshwater fishing."

Indian Fishing Camp "Exciting Peacock Bass Fishing, Jungle Adventure, Eco Tours and Birding on Lake Guri at the edge of La Gran Sabana in Venezuela."

Amazon Peacock Bass Adventures "Welcome to one of the most exciting bass fishing adventures anywhere - a week exploring the fabled waters of the Amazon River in Brazil."

Ron Speeds Amazon Adventures "Our operation centers on Amazon tributaries both east and northwest of Manaus in the heart of the rain forest," says Speed. "The waters are lightly fished and we believe they offer the best opportunity in all of South America to catch not only a trophy peacock bass of over 20 pounds but also a world record. The present world record, set in December 1994, came from this same area."

AMAZON PEACOCK BASS SAFARI, Brazil "River Plate concentrates on waters that can only be accessed via float plane--fishing previously unfished tributary rivers above natural boating barriers such as waterfalls and huge shallow river mouths. The fishing craft are specialized shallow-draft tunnel boats which can freely traverse these varied rivers."

Acute Angling, An electronic fishing magazine and trip planner focused on giant Peacock Bass in Brazil - with NEW trips in Bolivia and Venezuela. or acuteangling.com

Peacock Bass Fishing in the Amazon "Peacock Bass is the translation for the legendary Brazilian TUCUNARE, one of the most beautiful, strongest and most acrobatic fresh-water fish in the world. The fishing season for the extraordinary Peacock Bass is from September to April. The fishing areas are within 250 miles from Manaus, the capital of the Amazon."

Paovon Lodge "Peacock Bass (Pavon) fishing takes place at the Guri Lake, which is located at the southeast of Venezuela, measuring nearly 90 miles in length and 25 miles in width. It is a bass fisherman's dream come true, and pavon have found it the most perfect spot in the world to dwell."

Fish for Peacock Bass in Southern Venezuela! "The most exciting and explosive top water strike, freshwater fishing in the world; the most sought after freshwater gamefish in Central and South America, are only 30 yards from your door at Laguna Larga Lodge in southern Venezuela."

Adventure Fishing in Venezuela "Why go to South America to fish? To catch some of the most aggressive freshwater fish known to man( Peacock Bass and Payara). Few places except here could you ever experience catching 50 -100 fish a day that seem to have the sole purpose of trying to destroy your lures and tackle."

Amazonia Jungle Lodge - Peacock Bass Camp, Venezuela "Manaka is an ecological paradise. Located on the shores of the Orinoco River. Manaka offers the best and biggest bass, navigable rivers, diverse and unforgettable landscapes, birdwatching and comfort in the midst of this natural refuge."

Peacock Bass Association, PBA was created to unify the world's avid peacock bass anglers and the outfitters and agents that serve them; to promote conservation of the peacock bass fishery, including responsible utilization and promotion of the world's greatest freshwater fish; to offer the most comprehensive, unbiased information base of booking agents, outfitters and destinations in our website, www.peacockbassassociation.com and in print, and to provide detailed information on the species and how to best catch them.

Luhr Jensen Tech Tips - Peacock Bass Tech Report "It is impossible to exaggerate the strike and fight of this colorful gamefish. The larger it gets, in contradiction to its North American cousins, the better it fights."

Check out our Expert Tips for Peacock Bass!

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