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"" This started out as a simple list of books that I had read and was recommending to other people with similar interests. Then I added descriptions for some of my favorites. Next it was books that looked interesting or were special requests by visitors to my site. And so on.. and so on...

Fishing and boating are great sports and Florida offers special opportunities and special challenges for people who engage in them here. Flyfishing for tarpon on the flats is a very different activity form flyfishing for trout in a mountain stream. All of the books listed here are selected because I hope they are relevant to Florida  species and conditions.

If you see a description of a book here it is because I own and/or have read it. Please remember, I'm not writing professional reviews, just giving my personal opinions. When I have the time, I will do searches to find new (NEW->)books that appear to be on topic.  I will also occasionally list books of interest that are not available on line from Amazon. If I haven't read these books, I will simply list them for your information and maybe order a copy for myself. (I will use "Notes:"  to identify information from sources other than myself such as published reviews.)

The books are listed in no special order so you will just have to browse through the lists. Some books may be on more than one list and some others probably should be. If you are looking for something special, please let me know and I will try to help. has just opened their new video store. I am not familiar with enough of these tapes to give reviews or make specific recommendations. I have selected titles that seem to apply best to Florida. Some of these that I remember from earlier trips to "Blockbuster" were pretty good. There are thousands more on line to pick from and I have included a search function at the end of the page. As Amazon continues to expand I will try to add new sections where appropriate.

Just click on the underlined titles and they will take you to the listing for that book or tape. There, you can learn more about the item and place an order if you wish. Most Amazon books and tapes are offered at 20% to 30% off retail. (Many of the older fishing books are special order which may have a lower discount.) Yes, I will receive a referral fee for (some) books that you order from these links. No, it doesn't cost you any extra and no I'm not going to get rich. You can click on the logo above or Customer Service below to learn more about and check it out for yourself.

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Introduction | Saltwater | Freshwater | Flyfishing | Tackle | Boating | Video

 Now! A new service available from and If the books you are looking for are not listed on my site, you can search for them on using the form at the end of each section.  (They don't even have to be about fishing or boating.) Just enter the subject, title or author's name and click "Search".

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